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Setup a Magneto Business Suit within minutes. All along with auto-SEO, responsive design and product catalogue. Syncs with your social media channels, for even better reach.


With the app or web portal, you can update your website whenever you want or we will managefor you. Be it relevant business updates, products or services. Deep analytics help you figure out what’s working better.


Customers contact you directly. No hefty fees or margins, which you have to pay to be on marketplaces. All that adds up with more and more customers discovering your business online and transacting there.

Go Digital Hub
Go Digital Hub

About Us

GO DIGITAL HUB Offer Highly optimized solutions and services across wide range of industry domains. Some of our key services include application development, open source development, mobile application development, business intelligence and analytics, business process management, cloud infrastructure implementation, front-end design and digital marketing.We are passionate about building digital products. Whether it’s a simple logo design, web design, an e Commerce web store development, Mobile app. development or SEO, we do it all with zeal and passion.Our services are designed to take your business to the next level, reducing the gap between you and the heights of success you wish to achieve.Our team is creative, technical and experienced. We believe that user experience is the most important factor while building cutting edge web sites. Unlike other web agencies, we do not make promises that we cannot fulfill. We only take on the projects that we can handle with 100% efficiency to ensure great results.

Customer Service
Projects Delivery
Quality Of Work


Magneto websites are meant to load quick. No, real quick. With our technology, your business website will open up fast, anywhere in the world.


Magneto has responsive designs that work for businesses from different categories - meant to create stickiness with customers. Modern, easy to read and quick to load.


Magneto comes ready for business. You Will get an analytical report on every month based on that you can change the strategies.


Magneto Business Suit for categories come with more specific category features. Like appointment scheduler for doctors or room reservation engine for hotels etc.

Call Tracking

Virtual Mobile Number provided, which will enable customers to track their consumers call.This will make improvement in Calling system.


Unlimited Content update in Message board/ Using Mobile App



Manufacturing & Equipment

We Manufacture Demand, for What You Manufacture.

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Education & Coaching

Students Search The Web For Coaching Centres.Let's Help Them Find Yours.

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Restaurants & Cafes

We provide a Business Suit which will suitable for Restaurants & Cafes.

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Retail Business

We provide a Business Suit which will suitable for Retail Business

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Hotels & Motels

We Ensure They Come To Your Website, Your Proprty Ensures They Book.

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Spas & Saloons

We provide a Business Suit which will suitable for Spas & Saloons.

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Doctors & Clinics

Need More Patients Walking In?We have the Cure.

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Service Business

We provide a Business Suit which will suitable for Service Business.

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Our Clients Words

Dr.Amish Mehta
Chandan Orthodontics, Varodara
They are doing a quality stuff.They have been doing very well, and it has helped us reach out to new patients.The team is always accessible. Whenever there has been a need, they are there. In fact, they have been over proactive at times!
Shyam Singh
Prakshal Academy, Ahamedabad
I've received over 30,000 visitors on my site, by ranking on Google for multiple keywords. If ever I need any help,though their representatives appear like magic.They're always a phone call away.

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