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You might have a small business that does well and have your steady customers, however you possibly couldn't have captured all the possible customers - around your business. And with the advent of mobile browsers, customers now look for businesses on the go. So it becomes important to be (a) present and (b) relevant to them in order to attract them to your physical business.

What we advise our customers is that they should update what their business does - in long term, and in short term too. The most important thing is that you DO NOT worry about keywords, or anything technical. But rather update messages as if you were in a conversation with an actual customer. Our technology takes care of the rest. For instance if it is a interior decorator, the long term message - which can also be the 'business description' too, could be what they specialize in. Eg.: We are specialist in art-deco style interior decoration based in the Bay area. A short term message/update could be a promotion or an announcement.Eg.: Get high discounts on art-deco wallpapers for the pre-holiday run-up. Eg.: We have now started specializing in Minimalist styled interiors too.

Well for starters, a fresh website is one that customers trust. It shows the business is engaged online and that the information is fresh. For example a coffee shop that updates it's offers every day, a bit like a traditional chalkboard, is more likely to draw customers more regularly because they have interesting offers. And that's not all. Even search engines which crawl websites give sites which are updated regularly with relevant data more importance when it comes to search queries and results.

Yes! There are widgets on the website that are meant to increase customer engagement. For instance the "Make an Enquiry" widget allows the customers on the website to send a direct business enquiry to you. The enquiry is delivered to your phone or email address, giving you the potential lead.